Mede8er Firmware on Playon!HD AC Ryan

Posted: Monday, 1 August, 2011 in Entertainment

I have been running the latest mede8er firmware on my Playon!HD (1) for over 2 months now, and I must say it is a breeze (speed) compared to running the Gui 2.0 Beta of AC Ryan. Seems AC Ryan have posted a new version for the HD….think I will give it a bash this weekend and see if it is better than the mede8er firmware…will let you know how goes it.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in the mede8er firmware for the playon!hd, drop me a message and I will send you the link….will post as soon as I have uploaded….

PLEASE NOTE: DONE AT OWN RISK…..follow instructions and it is a breeze.

<a title="Mede8er Firmware" href="here” target=”_blank”>Mede8er Firmware fior Playon!HD


  1. Hi,

    I’m interested ! Since the new gui (like a lot of people) I have problems with my network speed on the playonHD.

    The only alternative at the moment is downloading the firmware to an older version or use an alternative.

    • Lucien says:

      Have you tried the latest version availble for the HD? If this is just as slow as the GUI 2.0 Beta, then I will give it a miss – please let me know.

      In the meantime, you can grab the files here

  2. AMRAAM says:

    I have to say that the New GUI has made my POHD nearly unbearable. It now hangs about once every 3-4 days, and is Very very slow. I cannot compare it to the Beta as I did not run the beta, but I can confirm that while I thought the GUI was slow before 2.0, I now wish for those days, as they are much faster than the new GUI.

  3. Marc says:

    Hi Lucien,

    Can I also try the Mede8ter firmware on my POHD?
    Thanks in advance!

  4. glenn says:

    hey i am interested in the firmware can you send me the link to this.
    thanx in advance

  5. Marc says:

    I receive this message from dropbox: This invite link is no longer valid. Please log in or ask for another invite. Maybe the link isn’t public?

  6. Martin says:


    I’m also interested in having this latest mede8er firmware (i have a PO HD V1)


  7. Mijnie says:

    Hello Lucien,
    Can you e-mail a link to the firmware?

  8. rusza930 says:

    hi lucien…i’m downloading the mede8er firmware from ur blog it install.tar? how to install to my ac ryan pohd? is it the same way like official firmware install?

  9. Manus says:

    Hello Lucien,
    Can i have also that download link? I wanna try the move to this Mede8er Firmware also. AcRyan is soooo not responsive to the presented bug list…

  10. Matthijs says:

    hai Lucien,

    thnx for sharing this with us!
    question: i can’t find Youtube in the menu and can i update it now with the new version on the Mede8er website ?? and wich version would that be??

  11. ermak says:

    1st you need this:
    0202.1026L + Iconbit HDS6L v7.3.41 r4673 – 01.12.2010

    This change bootloader and loading picture to Iconbit.

    After this you can install Mede8er 4.0.5:

    Mede8er 4.0.5 HD Audio (@dzver fix) – for Iconbit HDS6L

    Mede8er 4.0.5 NO HD Audio (@dzver fix) – for Iconbit HDS6L

    I test this on AC Ryan player and work fine.

    More information here:,48507.0.html

    • Lucien says:

      To Ermak.

      Will give this a bash and post results soon.

      If anyone out there has completed their upgrade, please post!

    • Ron says:

      @ermak. is it possible to roll back and instal the original FW for the Playon HD. Now it is not possible. Message on the screen says this update will only work on AC Ryan Playon!HD Update will not continue.

  12. matthijs says:

    works perfecly!!
    now i’m still searching to get Youtube on this f/w!
    any ideas??

  13. Ron says:

    Is it possible to create a version of the mod Mede8er FW made by shizzl for the Playon? Would be great.

  14. Espen says:


    I tried to get this to work on both the 3582 and the 4824 firmware, but without any luck… I then followed ermak’s instructions by first flashing the iconbit bootloader, and then the mede8er firmware. This worked like a charm, but is quite unstable, and does not seem to be handling all the codecs as good as the original PlayOn!HD firmware did!

    Now trying to get the original firmware back, I just get the “SORRY! This update is for AC Ryan PlayOn!HD. Aborting flashing.” (or something…) Any ideas, please…?!

    • Lucien says:

      I recently flashed my mate’s playon!hd and used Med V4.0.4 r5315 for AC Ryan SPDIF Med V4.0.4 r5315 for AC Ryan SPDIF 0….it worked first time (although I did upgrade him to the acryan beta 2.0 first)

      • Espen says:

        Yes, I do believe the best thing must be to upgrade to one of the newest AC FW first. Might be something with the different versions of the SDK.

    • Ron says:

      Hi, I had the same problem. Google for bootloader PlayonHD. You will find a version that will set back the original bootloader. I run the Mede8er mod FW from shizzle and works great.

      • Espen says:

        Having tried a lot of different ways to get rid of the iconbit boot loader, I ended up with the box freezing at the booting process. I had to install the PBO patched FW to get it working again, but then of course the remote didn’t work, so don’t wanting to reprogram my Logitech remote, I now got the Mede8er FW installed again.
        Beeing disappointed with this the first time, I am going to look for the sizzle version (AC FW now believe I have a m8r box, so no way back anyway). 😀

        Thanks for the help, guys!

      • Ron says:

        If you leave your address< I can send you some FW that should work for you and solve your problem.

      • Espen says:

        That would be cool, and so nice of you! Just tried the shizzle mod3, but now it claims I need the mede8er box, and the AC fw says I don’t have that either…! 😀 Stuck in some Mediabox twilight zone her. :p

        I just wanted a nice, functional, fast and stable GUI…

        I’ve created this e-mail which forwards to my main one (don’t like leaving it around on the web).

        Thanks, m8!

      • Ron says:

        Download bootloader AC Ryan here

  15. Ron says:

    Don’t know how to send you FW. I need email address

  16. Kira says:

    Hi Ron,

    I’d like the mede8er FW for POHD mini too.
    Can you send it to
    Thank you.

  17. ViuDo says:

    Hi guys, i looking the bootloader for POHDmini v1, the mine is bricked, and i cant find the TTL port on the mainboard, could help where i can take a look?

  18. Daniel says:

    I followed ermak’s step and installed both. It works. But bootloader logo was changed to ICONBIT and the firmware doesn’t support Asian font or unicode fonts. Like chinese/japanese/korean
    Seems to not be supporting SAMBA or display network drive from my default workgroup, WORKGROUP. Can’t access \\device name/ip

    0202.1026L + Iconbit HDS6L v7.3.41 r4673 – 01.12.2010
    Mede8er 4.0.5 HD Audio (@dzver fix) – for Iconbit HDS6L

    Is there a fix to it?

  19. ViuDo says:

    i cant put any comments :S

  20. ViuDo says:

    Daniel, Ron post the fix, check it.

  21. Fox says:

    @Daniel, a few post back you can find the AC Ryan bootloader.

  22. kallie says:

    Hi There i currently use the Playon HD Essential with Firmware v5.4.4.r2688 – European Edition
    is the mede8er software compatible as i heard the mede8er interface is much better than the ac ryan. could you please let me know and if possible supply me with the link for downloading the mede8er software.

  23. Verdi says:

    the link to the ACRyan bootloader is not valid anymore. can someone pls provide an alternate link? or email the file to

  24. Michel says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to run Mede8er firmware on any realtek 1073DD based Media player?

  25. Eric says:

    can I have the acryan bootloader please. Now on Mede8er firmware with iconbit logo and caanot flash bak to Acryan. Actually I quite likethe Mede8er firmware, but some Chinese movie title cannot display on the menu.

    please email to me, going back to acryan firmware:

  26. Chirag says:

    Hi Lucien, I am interested to install media8er firmware on AC ryan playon HD (1), could you please give me corresponding device firmware name, so I can download latest firmware from media8er support page. I hope it shall work.

  27. Dale says:

    Where can I download the med8ber software to put on my play on HD ? Thanks. We really appreciate any help

  28. martin says:

    Hi Lucien,

    Can I try the Mede8ter firmware on my POHD?

  29. Eric says:

    Already on Mede8ter firmware. How to go back to POHD ? email me please.

    • Lucien says:


      I assumed this worked then? why would you want to go back?
      Following the same process, download the latest firmware for your Media Player and you should be fine

  30. Eric says:

    coz on the Mede8ter firmware some Chinese tittle name cannot be display. anyway to add Chinese fonts support into it?

    by the way, any idea android firmware to be loaded?

  31. Lucien says:

    I am running the same frimware and have no issues with any titles.
    Android firmware will only be available on the newer devices.

    • Eric says:

      Ya . Have you try some Chinese file name? The file name not display correctly. It is like Windows not install Chinese fonts.

      How to make a screen shot? You have email? I Email you the screen shot then you know..


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